Open Your Mind!

Dane projektu:

Projekt realizowany przez Europejską Fundację Edukacyjno-Sportową i finansowany z programu Polsko-Ukraińska Rada Wymiany Młodzieży, numer projektu UKR16U0149.

Czas trwania projektu: 1 miesiąc (19/09/2016 – 28/10/2016)

1. wymiana – Poronin 05.10-14.10.2016

Project Data:

Project implemented by the European Foundation for Education and the Sports and funded by Polish-Ukrainian Council of Youth Exchange, project number UKR16U0149.

Project duration: 1 month (19/09/2016 – 28/10/2016)

1. exchange – Poronin 05.10-14.10.2016

Partnerzy projektu:

– Europejska Fundacja Edukacyjno-Sportowa (Polska)

– Educational Initiatives Center (Ukraina)

Project partners:

– European Foundation For Education and Sport (Poland)

– Educational Initiatives Center (Ukraine)

In cooperation between organizations from Poland (European Foundation for Education and Sport) and Ukraine (Educational Initiatives Centre) we run a project  called „Open Your Mind!” . Our 24 participants were those, who actively participate in the life of our organizations, both volunteers and youth workers, who, through their daily work contribute to the development of our ngo’s. We were also guided by the desire to include in our operations people with fewer opportunities, people from small towns and those whom economic obstacles often prevent participation in international projects. The main theme of the project were issues of national and cultural identity in conjunction with the European identity. During the project, we discussed the issues related to racism and xenophobia, which are unfortunately still present in both countries. The exchange lasted 9 days. The activities were implemented in a non-formal way. The aim of the project was that participants open themselves and take active steps towards the development of awareness among young people from Europe, associated with the formation of the European community, not forgetting at the same time emphasizing the need to cultivate our own traditions and present the essential elements of national culture providing for its distinctiveness. Marek Osek, Polish participant: „It was the first time participating in international youth exchange and everyone really enjoyed it. I hope I will be able to join another project like this soon!”. Mariana Kulynych, Ukrainian Leader: „Thanks to „OYM!” project, participants from Ukraine had an opportunity not only to visit another country or improving their language skills but also meet new people from Poland and ’cause we had a great time here, working with them, these friendships may last forever.”