22-29.03.2015 Örebro, Sweden

Project aim
The main aim of the project is based on the fact, that group leaders from different NGOs are in charge to increase the quality of Youth Exchanges through finding appropriate models of motivating youth to actively participate during the implementation of the project by gaining new skills and knowledge. The project’s methodology will be based on the concept of a incubator which aims to find this form of motivation where the leader plays the role of a facilitator who knows how to involve and motivate youngsters. During the training course participants will also be provided with sufficient assistance and help to develop their competences and become more active in the field of international youth work.
As we all come from various organizations and different countries, it might seem a good idea for you to bring promotional materials of your organization. You might want to meet with your board and colleagues to discuss jointly with them what kind of projects and future co-operation your organization is interested in offering or joining during this training course.